Foundations Resources

These resources foster self-awareness and will help you develop a more focused and effective approach to your career planning and professional development. See ADAPT ™ Foundations for more information about this stage.

Graduate Students & Postdocs


Foundations of Successful Career Planning and Development

This course provides foundational training in career planning and professional development and spans a consecutive Fall and Spring term. Registration begins in the fall semester. Learn More or Apply


Browse the links to access the exercises:


ImaginePhD Assessment Tools

ImaginePhD is a free online career exploration and planning tool for graduate students and postdocs in the humanities and social sciences.

Life Values Inventory

The Life Values Inventory helps individuals clarify their values and delivers personalized decision-making strategies to optimally function in work and life.

MyIDP Assessment Tools

MyIDP helps you examine your skills, interests, and values to better set goals for the career path that best suits you.

Research Poster Templates

Download free research poster templates from Pitt's Brand site.
Also available: report templates, presentation templates, and more.



Introduction to Grant Writing

This eight week course will develop the skills needed to effectively communicate scientific discoveries and to successfully compete for research training support. Learn More or Apply

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