Introduction to Professional Development Seminar for Doctoral Students

This seminar is designed to be a call to action for doctoral students to take ownership of their career planning and professional development in the same way they are responsible for their scholarly development.

This seminar highlights the importance of early career planning and professional development to all career options, including careers in academia. Engaging in career planning and professional development early in your doctoral studies will provide you with a competitive advantage when you are ready to enter the workforce.

Appropriate for any doctoral student regardless of academic discipline or year of training.  

The objectives of this seminar are to make you aware of the:

  • Versatility of your advanced training
  • Transferability of your scientific skills
  • Importance of career development planning
  • Necessity for developing professional skills
  • Concept of lifelong career adaptability

Programming Schedule

This seminar is offered annually in the spring semester of each academic year.

Spring 2020 Dates:

Some graduate programs require that doctoral students attend this program, whereas other programs highly recommend that you take advantage of this resource.

Please see your program director for your program’s policy regarding this seminar.

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